Making Every Contact Count (MECC) launch – 5 December 2012

Wednesday 5th December saw the launch of the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) initiative and Strategy at The Welcome Centre in Coventry.

The event was attended by representatives of County and Borough/District Councils as well as NHS, Voluntary and wider partners and other organisations and was aimed at embedding MECC ambitions into policies, procedures and training. The MECC philosophy, encourages using every contact with the public to improve their health particularly by reinforcing advice about promoting lifestyle change and or/signposting to relevant services whenever appropriate.

The key speaker at the launch was Dr John Linnane, NHS Warwickshire Director of Public Health who said that there is a “need for a culture change amongst organisations towards prevention, to bring mental and physical health and wellbeing into the mainstream. Our ambition is that; all agencies/partners will be aware of and adopt the ‘Making Every Contact Counts’ philosophy. This means that, whenever appropriate, opportunity to reinforce advice about healthy lifestyles and or/signpost to the relevant services is exercised”.