Excess Winter Deaths Atlas – 15 January 2013

The West Midlands Public Health Observatory (WMPHO) has updated the online Excess Winter Deaths in England Atlas .

This interactive mapping tool allows the user to view excess winter deaths data in England with the facility to drill down to local authorities to access the following information:

Excess winter deaths single and three year rolling trend data for England and Local Authorities from 1990-2011

1. Excess winter deaths by selected age groups:

  • under 65s;
  • 65-84;
  • 85+;
  • all ages.

2. Excess winter deaths by selected condition (underlying causes of death):

  • Circulatory [ICD10 I00-I99];
  • CHD [ICD10 I20-I25];
  • Stroke [ICD10 I61-I69];
  • Respiratory [ICD10 J00-J99];
  • Influenza & Pneumonia [ICD10 J09-J18];
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases [ICD10 J40-J47]
  • All cause.

Excess Winter Deaths Index (EWD Index), is defined as the excess of deaths in winter compared with non-winter months expressed as a percentage. The EWD year runs from August to July. Winter months are December to March, Non-Winter months are August to November and April to July.

Within Warwickshire, the 2008-2011 three year EWD index numbers are broadly similar to the England figure of 19.1%.

Observed EWD Expected EWD EWD Index (%) Significance to England Average EWD per year
England 82,395.5 432,493.5 19.1 27,465.2
North Warwickshire 118.5 555.5 21.3 No Difference 39.5
Nuneaton & Bedworth 177.5 1,070.5 16.6 No Difference 59.2
Rugby 126.0 829.0 15.2 No Difference 42.0
Stratford-on-Avon 218.0 1,109.0 19.7 No Difference 72.7
Warwick 202.0 1,057.0 19.1 No Difference 67.3

A look at EWD by underlying cause of death (2004-11) suggests that the only area in which winter mortality is statistically significantly different from the England average is chronic lower respiratory disease in Stratford-on-Avon District at 85.6% compared to the England index of 48.1%.

Further details on the use of the atlas is available via Excess Winter Deaths in England Atlas: User Guide.