Achievements in 2016

Public Health in Warwickshire: Achievements in 2016

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Many more of our achievements are outlined below:

Children and Young People

  • Staff and students from 16 schools attended the first Child Sexual Exploitation Youth Conference
  • Respect Yourself Website sold to Doncaster and went live in 2016.
  • Respect Yourself launched three new videos to help parents talk to their teenagers about relationships and sexual health –

Physical Activity, Weight Management and Healthy Eating

  • Fitter Futures Warwickshire Physical Activity providers are currently training to take Cancer recovery referrals in 2017
  • Fitter Futures Warwickshire One Year On event – in the last 12 months there have been over 2900 referrals and over 980 people have completed the programme
  • Fitter Futures Warwickshire shortlisted for ‘best social media’ campaign at the National Communications Awards
  • Food for Life – 4 Early Years providers awarded bronze
  • Food for Life – 17 schools awarded bronze, silver or gold since 2015
  • Food for Life hospital leaders – 9 wards have introduced communal dining and improved food choices at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Lifestyle Risk minimisation

  • #onething completed 928 mini health checks in Warwickshire North and 685 #onething pledges were made
  • Commissioned Integrated Sexual Health services that will be developing more online testing and assessments to improve access to the services
  • Piloting the ‘Change Tool’ tool to support behaviour change 
  • End of Life Care Improvement Plan approved by Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Health Protection Strategy 2017-2021 launched
  • Smoking Still Kills Strategy published
  • Number of women smoking during pregnancy reduced and is now below national figure
  • Number of adult smokers continues to reduce
  • Increase in number physically active adults – number of inactive adults down from 1 in 3 to 1 in 4
  • 926 health checks resulted in diagnosis of previously unknown long term conditions
  • Life expectancy increases
  • Teenage conceptions continue to fall and now similar to England figure
  • Breastfeeding initiation and 6-8 weeks

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Place