Health Data Sources

Public Health requires data from varied sources and organisations. See below useful data available which is publically available.

Warwickshire County Council Health and Wellbeing Profiles

A simple, easy to use health and wellbeing data profiling tool has been developed by Public Health working with Warwickshire Observatory. Each profile also includes an individual narrative description of the key analytical findings.

The profiles brings together statistics from a number of different sources in one place and is supported by one page narrative documents. The aim of the profiles is to provide better insight into the health and wellbeing of residents at a local geography, and in turn support local prioritisation and decision making.  It is designed to complement other locality profiles, including the Public Health England Local Health Profiles.

North Warwickshire
North Warwickshire North Profile – Narrative
North Warwickshire East Profile – Narrative
North Warwickshire West Profile – Narrative
North Warwickshire South Profile – Narrative

Nuneaton & Bedworth
Abbey & Wem Brook Profile – Narrative
Arbury & Stockingford Profile – Narrative
Bede & Poplar Profile – Narrative
Bedworth – North & West Profile – Narrative
Camp Hill & Galley Common Profile – Narrative
Weddington & St Nicolas Profile – Narrative
Whitestone & Bulkington Profile – Narrative

Dunchurch Division Profile – Narrative
Earl Craven Profile – Narrative
Fosse Profile – Narrative
Rugby Town North Profile – Narrative
Rugby Town East Profile – Narrative
Rugby Town West Profile – Narrative

Kenilworth Profile – Narrative
North Leamington Profile – Narrative
South Leamington Profile – Narrative
Warwick Rural East Profile – Narrative
Warwick Rural West Profile – Narrative
Warwick Profile – Narrative
Whitnash Profile – Narrative

Alcester & Bidford Profile – Narrative
Shipston Profile – Narrative
Southam & Feldon Profile – Narrative
Stratford Profile – Narrative
Studley & Henley Profile – Narrative
Wellesbourne & Kineton Profile – Narrative

Public Health England – Public Health Outcomes Framework

A range of indicators grouped into four ‘domains’ that cover the full spectrum of public health. Indicators help us understand how well public health is being improved and protected.

To view the Public Health Outcomes Framework, please click here.

Public Health England – Health Profiles and Data Tools

A single point of access to data and analysis tools from across Public Health England. The tools can be used by anyone with an interest in understanding the health of the population and how it varies across the country. Some tools require eligible users to register and login to protect certain types of data, however, most is unrestricted access and freely available.

To view the Public Health England Health Profiles and Data Tools, please click here.

Public Health England – Health Profiles

The profiles give a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. Health Profiles are produced annually. The latest version of the local Health Profiles are available from the interactive Public Health England Fingertips Tool.

To view the latest Warwickshire Health Profile, please click here.

To view the District and Borough Health Profiles, please click below.

Public Health England – Child Health Profiles

Child Health Profiles provide a snapshot of child health and wellbeing for each local authority in England using key health indicators, which enables comparison locally, regionally and nationally. Indicators include; childhood obesity, mental health, young people and alcohol, immunisations and breastfeeding.

To view the latest Warwickshire Child Health Profile, please click here.

Public Health England – Common Mental Health Disorders Profile

This profile collates and analyses a wide range of data on prevalence, risk, prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment, outcomes and service costs.

To view the Common Mental Health Disorders Profile, please click here.

Public Health England – Sexual and Reproductive Health Profile

Sexual and reproductive health information across a range of topics including teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual offences. Wider influences on sexual health such as alcohol use, and other topics particularly relating to teenage conceptions such as education and deprivation level, are also included.

To view the latest Warwickshire Sexual and Reproductive Health Profile, please click here.

Public Health England – Longer Lives Profile

Longer Lives highlights premature mortality across every local authority in England, giving people important information to help them improve their community’s health.

To view the Longer Lives Profile, please click here.