How healthy is Warwickshire?

A key function of public health is understanding and monitoring the health and wellbeing of the local population.  In Warwickshire, this work is undertaken by the Public Health Intelligence Team.  The team provides specialist research and information analysis support to the Public Health Directorate and a range of key partners.

Due to the complex and multi-faceted nature of health, there are a wide range of indicators and data sources used to examine the health and wellbeing of the Warwickshire population.

The Public Health Intelligence Team work to collate, analyse and interpret this information to support evidence-based decision making and public health policy recommendations.  We use data and information from a variety of sources to help measure and monitor the health of people in Warwickshire and to show patterns of disease and illness.  This information is used to highlight inequalities in health which are translated into plans and strategies to improve health overall and also to reduce differences in health across the population.

The purpose of this section is to facilitate the dissemination of this health intelligence to all the key partners in Warwickshire.

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The Public Health Intelligence Team also forms part of the wider Warwickshire Observatory.  The Observatory is the home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people. They provide a centre of excellence in research, data collection and analysis, supporting evidence-based policy-making across the public sector in Warwickshire.

The Observatory’s key areas of focus include socio-demographic, economic and community safety research and analysis.  They also provide a consultation and geographic information system (GIS) service.

More information is available on their website and blog: